Reclaim your health, reclaim your energy, reclaim the body you know you’re meant to be in

Building your unique blueprint to health

You’re not meant to experience painful periods, debilitating fatigue, mood swings that have your partner running for the hills, or a libido that has been living on the floor for the past 5 years.

You’re also not meant to experience daily bloating, adult acne, constant cravings and a metabolism that seems to be stuck, unable to be revived.

Yet, here you are conditioned to believe it’s normal for so long, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

It’s common, NOT normal!!

As women we weren’t taught how to nourish our bodies, or across the different hormonal changes and stages of life… now to navigate periods and PMS symptoms, fertility issues, postpartum changes and least of all menopause.

But it’s time that all changed!

Journey with me as we strengthen, heal and nourish your body to effortless weight loss, an abundance of energy + vitality, pain-free periods, stable moods, zero bloating and clear, glowing skin!

Welcome to the revolution in your health… and welcome home to YOU!

Does this sound like you?

Your periods come once a month, but take you out of action for two weeks with mood swings, pain and not to mention the breakouts

Your energy is on the floor, you’re tired when you wake up, yet you struggle to fall asleep, and caffeine is your best friend

Sound all too familiar?

Reclaim Your Radiance is the wellness transformation + education your body has never had.

At SHWellness we believe empowered health is your superpower, and your body has incredible wisdom inside of it designed to serve and support you deeply. You just have to know how to unlock it… and that starts by getting to the root cause.

This isn’t a quick fix, magic pill BS diet that you’ve probably been fed in the past

This is a proven framework that has supported hundreds of women in seeing long-lasting, sustainable change in their bodies and lives. True healing from the inside out.

Imagine if you could...

You’ve been disconnected from your body, for too long…

It’s time to stop googling the symptoms and trying to self-remedy with random supplements and the latest diet trends you see on social media… And actually find what works for you.

Come home to the body you’ve been blessed with and learn how to nourish yourself on all levels – mind, body, soul.

Think of Reclaim Your Radiance as your attending Wellness University, you’re about to get a degree in understanding YOUR body, and all of the incredible things it can do – it’s not designed or trying to hurt or frustrate you.

The program and protocols are personalised to you, as we build out your unique blueprint to your health

The person behind the program...

Sheree, is a certified holistic nutritionist, life and wellness coach who understands women’s health on an intricate level. Sheree has a degree in nutrition, completed various coaching certifications from world leading experts in their fields and has helped thousands of women heal their bodies.

She personally struggled with health issues including an eating disorder, burnout, digestive problems, mood swings, and weight gain, but discovered a holistic and functional approach to healing that led her to where she is today – empowering women to take control of their health.

My purpose on this planet, which I believe to my very core is to help women heal, and that is why Reclaim Your Radiance is here, it’s rebirthed, and is ready for the woman that is serious about seeing improvements in her health. I don’t say this light-heartedly, but this program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

My personal message to you…

Hormone health isn’t just something that affects the physical shape of our bodies, but our mindset, mental health, our metabolism, energy levels, and how we show up in ourselves and for those around us on a daily basis

When I realised how much our hormones influence our daily lives (and how much they had negatively impacted mine), I knew I had to share this information with as many women as I could.

Which is exactly why I decided to become a teacher, coach and expert in hormone health, and get excited at just how many women I get to support and help realise their true potential and super power of being their beautiful self (with balanced hormones)

The reason I wanted to share my story with you is because I want you to know me. And I want you to know that I can help you, too.🙏

I created RYR Revolutionized because I have been where you’ve been. I have cried in front of the mirror being upset with my body. 🙏 I have had the inner critic in my head telling me that I’m not worth it, HECK it even told me that I’d never be able to heal. Aaaaaand… I’ve had all the period problems under the sun. 

My purpose on this planet, which I believe to my very core is to help women heal, and that is why RYR Revolutionized is here, it’s rebirthed, and is ready for the woman that is serious about seeing improvements in her health. I don’t say this light-heartedly, but this program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

RYR Revolutionized is perfect for you if…

The balanced hormones, the bangin’ body, the version of yourself you felt like you’d lost and would never see again because your health has been holding you back. 

I want you to know that it’s ALL available to you… Right now, if you’re ready for it. 

RYR Revolutionized is perfect for you if…

What you'll learn…

Here's what's included

Reclaim Your Radiance is a unique and comprehensive immersion that will help you get to the root of your health issues and combines proven strategies from functional medicine and holistic health, alongside personal development and spirituality tools to help you create lasting change in your life.



Frequently Asked Questions

With the modules, coaching calls and integration practices, the program will take up to around 1 – 2 hours per week. Coaching calls are 60 minutes, and there’s lifetime access to the materials which are designed to work through at your own pace

Currently Reclaim Your Radiance is available for $250/month over a 12 month period.

The moment you enrol, your year with us begins. The entire program is hosted online, you’re able to complete all the modules and integration practices in your own time. You’ll be able to access the program content and community 24/7.

Not to worry, not only are there bi-weekly calls and replays for an entire year, but if the call timing doesn’t work for you, Sheree + the team are accessible Monday to Friday inside the community to personally support and guide you.

No. In Reclaim Your Radiance, we are all about reducing restriction, creating balance and freedom and a healthy relationship with food. That being said, there are protocols designed to help you reset and heal your underlying gut and hormonal imbalances, and part of this is healing is done by eliminating inflammatory and trigger foods. The program is designed to support you through the transition and reintroduction phases. But don’t worry, I get it and I want you to be able to eat as many foods as possible too!

No. I am a strong believer in your body, your choice, and it is not my place to advise on this. However I do have protocols in place that you can do to support your transition off hormonal contraception, or support your body whilst it is on it.

I know this can be a very personal decision and I want to make sure you are supported in whatever is best for you.

If your goal is to lose weight, you will (as long as you do the work). If you want to heal your gut, you will (as long as you do the work). If you want to balance your hormones, you will (as long as you do the work).

Reclaim Your Radiance is designed with your beautiful soul in mind, and in order to have a healthy, thriving, radiant body… we have to start at the root cause and lay a strong foundation. Then weight loss, energy, balanced hormones and anything else you desire for your body becomes a beautiful byproduct because we are healing from the inside out!

Yes. We offer a no risk 14-day guarantee from the date of your payment. I want you to have the most incredible experience, and if you end up deciding this isn’t for you, request a refund via email, at Any other forms of refund requests will not be valid.

No questions asked (maybe just a bit of feedback if you’re open to it… I’m always looking to improve).

You are welcome to ask your question to myself and my team at any time, just email